“I’ve never had a financial planner before.”


  • Carrie wants to understand the value of a financial planner and determine if she needs help
  • Get a solid understanding of where she stands and available strategies to help her
  • Find someone she could trust and partner with to help carry the burden of her personal finances.


  • Carrie worked for a publicly-traded company for over 30 years.
  • She has never needed a financial planner because she has only saved in 401(k) and company stock.
  • No specific goal, just wants to maintain lifestyle.

Areas of Focus

  • Understand the experience we provide as a client.
  • What strategies make sense for her.
  • Minimize risk since she thinks she has enough money to last.

How We Helped


Step 1

We learned about what was most important to her. Being single, what goals did she have?


Step 2

Created a Financial HEALTH Book for her. This outlined what was most important to her, how she anticipated using her money and the financial steps we would take. See a sample here.


Step 3

Carrie realized she needed help and it was not in her best interest to handle all the responsibility herself. She was concerned she might miss something. Our process offered her a reliable way to measure progress while she spends her time focusing on what is most important.

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