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What is a fee only financial advisor?

You might be wondering: What is a fee only financial advisor, who do they serve, and how can they help me? At Pine Grove financial, our modern financial process allows us to collaborate with clients at any stage of their financial journey so we can offer comprehensive advice and they can see the bigger picture.

Simply put, our financial advisors are required by law to always act in our clients’ best interest. You can learn more about our fiduciary commitment here.

Who We Help

Emerging Retiree

These people are often referred to as the “Millionaire Next Door” and they do not realize it. They have been diligent savers, lived below their means and never taken unnecessary risks. Creating a plan and having a strategy so they can keep living the way they have lived is their primary goal.

Corporate Employee

This person has worked for a locally-based Fortune 500 company like: 3M, Target, General Mills, Travelers and Medtronic. They have a unique set of benefits and decisions that need to be made around concentrated company stock, pension benefits and retirement accounts. This person wants to transition to a less stressful lifestyle and reap the rewards of their demanding corporate career.

Tax Sensitive Investor

Being based in Minnesota, most of our client's primary residence is here. Comparatively, Minnesota is one of the higher taxed states. Whether you are still working or retired, we help you become aware of all available strategies to mitigation taxation. We will test different strategies to see if there are opportunities to optimize your hard-earned wealth.

Value Advice

Many of our clients don’t want to spend the time needed to keep up on their personal finances, nor do they want the stress or responsibility for these major decisions. Since we have deep relationships with our clients, we are able to understand their needs and give them personalized advice. Our goal is to give them peace of mind.

Take Action

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financial h.e.a.l.t.h. guidebook

Helping you see the big picture.

Our Financial H.E.A.L.T.H. Book summarizes your financial priorities so you have an organized action plan. This will allow you to measure progress to your goals and stay on track.