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We have extensive experience and strategies to help you in the areas listed below.

Selecting your benefits package

Each employer has their own unique set of benefits offered to employees. As an employee, you want to make sure your benefits are optimized to your family’s current needs while protecting you for the long-term. Depending on what stage of your career you are in, certain benefits will be viewed with a higher level of importance.

Since we focus on families approaching retirement, we center our benefits planning around how to best position for that transition. Our goal is to mitigate risk and make sure we have accounted for all possible scenarios.

We help with

• Selecting health insurance - while working and post-employment

• Which pension option and claiming strategy makes the most sense?

• RSUs, stock options, deferred compensation

• 401k, 403b, retirement savings options

Protecting your nest egg

In an ever-changing world where the markets always seem volatile, it is important you have a discipline investment strategy. This strategy should compliment both your long and short-term goals while managing the appropriate risk. 

As your nest egg grows, risk management becomes more important. This focus is crucial when you transition from contributing to distributing. You have worked hard to get to this point, we help to protect it.

We help with

• Investment strategies for retirement

• Managing investor behaviors

• Asset allocation

• Investing in a rising interest rate environment

• Tax-efficient investment

Income for life

The most common question a soon-to-be retiree asks is, “Where am I going to get income from?” It is critically important that we have a well-defined process for determining where your income is coming from. 

We help design a plan that is right for you. Each person’s situation and resources are different, so there is no one-size-fits-all.

We help with

• Social security optimization

• Pension selection

• Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies

• Distributing from investment accounts

Tax mitigation strategies

With a rising national debt and multiple rounds of stimulus, we should anticipate a world of high taxes. Although we can’t avoid taxes, there are some techniques we can utilize to help you retain as much of your wealth as possible. Tax planning should consider both current and future obligations.

We help with

• Asset location strategies

• Roth conversions

• Tax bracket optimization

• Tax-loss harvesting

Probabilities-based planning

This may be a new term for many people exploring financial planning. Since there are no certainties or guarantees in how your financial life plays out, we need to look at your situation in terms of probabilities and what is most likely to happen.

Through this process, we will determine which decisions are most impactful to help you meet your goals and financial independence. The Retirement H.E.A.L.T.H. Stress-test© was built for this

We help with

• Setting goals and how to achieve them

• Determining readiness for retirement

• How much income you can take in retirement before it becomes a risk

• What financial decisions are best for you

Planning for sudden wealth

You may have experienced an event where you have received a significant amount of money. Significant is only important if it is significant to you! This shock of new money may create a level of emotions and uncertainty around what to do next.

We help with

• Managing inheritance

• Sale of small business

• Bonus or large compensation

• Creating and updated your estate plan