WCCO Interview: Longest Bull Market in History

On August 22nd, we hit a new record – longest bull market on record – 9 years, 5 months and 14 days.

What does this mean?

Matt Gulbransen has 3 things to share from his perspective.

  1. When we hit new highs, it usually means we will continue to hit new highs. Continue to follow the trend because most economic data is strong. We may experience some level of correction, but this bull market does not seem to have a near-term end in sight.
  2. How many different times have we thought, “This news is the top.” Well, the reality is that over time the markets are very resilient and we have to try to block out the short-term news. We never know what will ultimately drive the correction, but if we have to pick a side, stay invested and stay focused longer-term.
  3. Behavior – This is perfect example of human behavior. Back in February the markets were very volatile for a few weeks and WCCO reached out to me requesting an interview in our office – instantly! “It could not not wait, they wanted it for this evenings show, we will have someone there in 2 hours.” People were worried and they wanted to cover it because they knew the emotion tied to it.

Interestingly, they then asked me for an interview while we are hitting new highs and records. Polar opposite events – good and bad times. The reality is that both of these times are inconsequential to the long term. This is just a small example of human behavior at work and how emotions can cloud that.