We Are

Our Process

Asking the hard questions.

We understand the impact that one small financial decision can have on the entirety of a retirement plan. That’s why we delve into each client’s unique goals and challenges by asking the big and the little questions. We employ our proprietary Stress Test, which
uncovers the implications of one financial choice on another, working to resolve any pitfalls. Robust, sophisticated technologies and extensive knowledge help build upon this foundation to deliver a realistic, actionable plan, while our multi-media education helps further client proactivity toward achieving financial success.


Greater account balances don’t afford preferential treatment here. Our plan and service offerings are consistent across all of our clients, fully customized and comprehensive regardless of a client’s net worth. We also require no financial commitment in initial discovery meetings and only a minimal fee to begin work, a direct reflection of our client-centric focus and honest, authentic approach.

Our Services

Invest Smarter.

  • Robust software supports our honest, personal client relationships, ensuring comprehensive and individualized creation, execution, access, and
    monitoring of each retirement plan.
  • Pine Grove believes that education is key to client ownership of financial decisions. That is why we help clients develop and practice financial behaviors that will help them meet their financial objectives.
  • Beyond bi-annual meetings, our weekly newsletters, quarterly update videos, client events, seminars, and radio shows all contribute to client confidence and actualization of their respective retirement plan.

Meet the Team

Straight-forward advice.

  • Pine Grove’s Midwestern values are evident in every action we take. We ask our clients the hard questions, get to know their financial trepidations and challenges, and build a comprehensive financial plan that not only lowers hurdles, but provides education and extensive support to see their goals to fruition.
  • We believe this is the only way to offer a truly customized retirement plan—backed by honesty, integrity, and respect.


Dean Allen

Matt Gulbransen
Jeff Clark
Wealth Advisor
Michelle Campbell
Director of Investment Management
Ryan Key

Claudia Miller Stack
Director of Client Services
Linda Sheridan
Director of Client Services
Registered Representative